Product Code: LOGICWALL

LOGICWALL is a stand alone Inverter Drives

LOGICWALL is a variable frequency drive control systems for electric water pumps. This consists of: an external pressure sensor, a flow sensor. The box is very compact and very easy to install.

The LOGICWALL can work with any kind of pump: multi stage or single stage, surface or submersible. LOGICWALL uses the built-in inverter to control the speed of the motor, maintaining a constant pressure in the system. As the flow increases, the speed of the motor increases, maintaining a constant pressure.



  • One inverter that be installed on a pipe to be cooled  or wall mounted with integrated fan
  • Single phase power supply 230 volt
  • outlet : single phase or three phase 230 volt
  • Maximum pump motor current : 8.5 Amp
  • Constant pressure regardless of flow
  • Auto stop/start
  • Adjustable start pressure
  • Dry run protection by means of minimum preset pressure , flow sensor or float switch
  • IP65
  • remote pressure switch
  • No separate control panel required
  • No water hammer
  • Energy saving
  • Compact size (1/3 the size of a common control panel)