PRESFLO MULTI is an automatic pump control, which starts and stops the pump ‘on demand’.

When a valve or tap is opened on the outlet side of the control, the PRESFLO MULTI senses the drop in pressure and instantly starts the pump when the pressure drops below the pre-setted starting pressure from 1 bar till 5 bar. When the valve is closed the pump continues to run for a further ….seconds to prevent water hammer, and then stops ready for the next demand for water.

If the pump runs out of water during operation, the PRESFLO MULTI will automatically shut down the pump to prevent damage from dry running. The control is then automatically or manually re-set once the water source is restored.

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Availability: not available anymore, changed by PRESFLO MULTI NEW without digital display !!

The great advantage that this PRESFLO MULTI is equiped with a digital display and an expansion vessel of 3 liter.

The special patent pending valve guarantees that the pump runs continuously even with flow rates as low as 1-2 l/min, and permits PRESFLO to be installed in any position


  • Auto stop/start
  • Dry run protection
  • Can be installed vertically and horizontally
  • Manual or automatic re-start after dry run shut down
  • Fixed start pressure from 1 to 5 bar
  • No water hammer
  • Simple installation
  • Max fluid temperature 65ºC
  • Max pump size 1.5kW
  • Protection IP65

Model: PM16
Voltage: 220 V
Power: 1.5 kW
Current: 16
Max. Flow: 200 l/min
SKU: V00104101

Additional information

Weight 2,5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 20 × 20 cm