Solenoid valve 3/4″ – DN17 AUK Müller in PA66


Brand: AUK Müller
Product Code: Solenoid Valves
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2/2-way solenoid valve of nominal diameter
DN 17 for use with cold and heated potable
water and physically and chemically similar
media. The valve is servo-controlled and
normally closed (NC).
Valves of this design are single chamber
straight valves and can be manufactured with
various connections.
Coil systems for common voltage and
frequency ranges are available.
Electrical operating safety is achieved by
insulation class F and can be supported by an
integrated protective circuit.
By using high quality insulation materials,
continuous duty (100 % ED) at higher medium
temperatures is possible. The glass fibre
reinforced polyamide valve body persists hot
water. Protection against corrosion of inner
parts exposed to the medium is achieved by
using stainless steel.

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The solenoid valves from AUK Müller with a coil in 220 volt  DN17

the best results with horizontal installation but can be installed in any position


Maximum working pressure: 0.3 till 10 bar

Inlet and outlet 3/4″ Male thread

Maximum liquid temperature: 90°C


  • Valve body: PA66
  • Valve seat: EPDM
  • Spring: Stainless steel
  • Filter at inlet in stainless steel

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3/4" solenoid Valve, 1" solenoid Valve, 1-1/4" solenoid Valve, 1-1/2" solenoid Valve, 2" Non Return Valve