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LOGIC GSMĀ  is a stand alone control system sending email & SMS messages from any kind of controller


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  • Compatible with any type of data SIM card on the market, allows to send personalized messages to up to three phone numbers set by the user through
    Logic GSM can be connected to the inverters and Logic Panel in the Treviengineering catalogue.
    It can also be connected to any commercial device (inverter, control panel, etc.) as long as it is equipped with analog/digital inputs/outputs.
    In this case it is possible to customize the information to be sent through the App.
  • Connected to a inverter from the Wall / Wall Pro range and to the Logic Panel it is able to send an SMS with the same operating information that will
    appear on the display of the devices.
    Connected to commercial devices, it will send the message programmed by the user during installation.
  • Compact size (1/3 the size of a common control panel)
  • technical features
    • Power supply voltage : 230 VAC
    • Acceptable voltage fluctuation : +/- 10%
    • Frequency : 50/60 Hz
    • Inputs :
      • N.1 digital RS486
      • N.2 analogical
    • Outputs :
      • N.2 analogical

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Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm