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The HYDROBOX 500 – X3 is a special designed breaktank type AB with a water capacity of 500 liter equiped with a XILENT X3 pump. The Xilent X3 is a very silent pump with integrated variable speed drive which provides constant pressure.
for more information about the Hydrobox (tank) see futher in our product range.

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The unit can also be used as a boosterset for 1 or different taps when the watersupply or pressure are insufficient.
The HYDROBOX is a complete unit, ready to use without any further assembly, and extremely compact – EASY to install !!
A big advantage is the integrated AB airgap with meshscreen in stainless steel an with an overflow connection of 75 mm on both sides of the funnel.
The HYDROBOX has different approvals: BELGAQUA but is also WRAS compliant.

How this it work:
at any time we have available …. liter of water. As soon as the pump starts pumping water, by pressure drop or water demand, fresh water enters the tank until the maximum waterlevel is reached.
The pressure controller, STEADYPRES, mounted above the pump, will start & stop the pump and protect against dry-running providing a constant pressure.


  • Integrated professional mechanical float : 3/4″ – 1″ 1″1/4 BSP
  • Type AB air gap with overflow connection in 75 mm
  • Allowed to be connected directly without extra backflow non return valve to the mains
  • Compact base dimensions: 700*900 mm
  • Total weight without water: 90 kg
  • Standard supplied with pallet in Polyethylene
  • On the bottom of the tanks there are 2 drain taps in brass 1″1/4 & 1″1/2 and on the sides connection in 2″

fire fighting, irrigation, collection of water from jacuuzi, farming, professional dishwashers, steamers,houses, appartments…

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Weight 90 kg
Dimensions 70 × 90 × 150 cm